A passionate, creative User Experience designer with over 10 years of expertise who loves technology and design.
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Interaction South America 2013
Recife - Nov/2013

Presented the Future TV Guide case. The project objective was to detect needs and opportunities on the interaction with linear TV content out of session. The insights were used in the development and evaluation of concepts for future prototypes and projects of a better EPG UI/UX.

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IxDA São Paulo Meetup
São Paulo - Oct/2013
Panel: Interaction Design

A panel held by The Interaction Design Association, chapter São Paulo, to discuss the role of Interaction Design professional. With Juliana Gaiba, David De Prado and Daniel Risi.

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Wide Magazine
Issue 89 - April/2012

Interview: A/B testing: when, how and why to do it.

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São Paulo - Feb/2012
Talk: End-To-End User Experience

The first ever World IA Day focused on Designing Structures for Understanding, hosting events in 14 cities across all corners of the globe.

My presentation was about the challenges faced when creating interfaces. Besides the definition of information structure, our role is increasingly co-creative, and our interaction with visual designers and developers is essential to ensure that products are more than functional.

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Campus Party
São Paulo - Feb/2012
Workshop: How not to screw with user experience

You can't have someone specific to take care of User Experience on your website, application, product, service or rocket? Have you ever faced this issue? Well, do not despair. This workshop will show you techniques for creating user-friendly interfaces without necessarily being an expert on the subject.

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Wide Magazine
Issue 85 - Ago/2011
Interview: Usability tools

Tools and software for usability testing. Greatest risks faced by those who do not invest in usability testing and softwares that are simple to use, while effective for anyone wishing to launch a website and want to perform usability tests.

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ffffuuuu conf
São Paulo - Nov/2010
Lightning talk: Ground rules for user (un)friendly

A "developer oriented" conference with people talking about failing. From the user experience perspective there were presented the most common "fails" that we are used to deal with.

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World Usability Day
São Paulo - Nov/2010
Panel: Usability and Language

A panel to talk about how usability and language are in sync - or not. The inspiration came from Christian Morel's a book, "L'Enfer de l'Information Ordinaire." Fabiana Yasbek, Jean Boechat, Juliana Gaiba and Patricia Cia discussed this topic during the panel. They spoke of how sometimes the communication created by the customer or marketing just complicate user's life, and how we can improve this by tailoring language for each audience.

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EBAI - Encontro Brasileiro de Arquitetura da Informação
São Paulo - Oct/2010
Talk: Digital Ethnography | Pilot with low income women (Classe C)

Observation of the online life of the group of women that participated in this project in their natural environment, accessing the web from their personal computer. The focus was understanding the interaction with the online environment using an online tool for real-time observation and how it affects life outside the network.

Through a navigation tracking tool (browser plugin) plus quizzes and chats we were unable to find common behaviors and habits in this group of women from Class C (emerging middle class in Brazil).

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JumpEducation - Usability of Digital Projects
São Paulo - Ago/2008
Workshop: Folksonomy

The workshop on Usability of Digital Project had classes taught by Fabian Yazbek, Dante Calligaris, Juliana Gaiba and Ricardo Lima. The event provided students with important elements to understand the strategic importance of usability in digital projects.

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I'm passionate about design and technology and I'm fortunate to be able to combine both as a User Experience professional. With more than 10 years of experience, I started working in the field as information architect and user research consultant for Try Consultoria, one of the first Brazilian research consultancies working on user testing.

Later I joined the R&D of UOL, the biggest Internet Portal in Brazil, and was responsible for the user experience of e-commerce products. In 2008 I moved from São Paulo to Recife to join Nokia's Technology Institute as a Interaction Designer, deploying innovative technological solutions on the mobile communications area.

In 2010 I joined HUGE's Brazilian branch in Rio de Janeiro and was their first User Experiece hire in the country. There I developed a digital strategy project for Itaú, the largest bank in South America

After that I joined Telefónica in Madrid, Spain, where I lead the Interaction Design team for Media Services.

Excited about the possibilities of designing solutions for a wide variety of projects and industries, in 2015 I joined FJORD Madrid as Interaction Designer.


Design strategy, research, branding, product strategy, interaction design, information architecture, user experience design, information design, service design, creative direction, mobile.

Technical Skills

UI documentation, taskflows, wireframes, content diagrams, prototypes, sitemaps and UI specifications. Heuristic evaluation, usability studies and benchmarks, paper and HTML prototypes, card sorting and user diaries. Linux GUI. UI for keypad and touch screen mobiles. Internet banking, e-commerce, Internet services and products. SCRUM practitioner, Product Owner.